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General Practice

A new modern Vision for general practice. The heart of the modern NHS.

Simple and Intuitive

The Vision interface is intuitive and easy to use. It makes the complex simple. With clutter-free screens and rapid response times, the Vision experience leapfrogs other systems.


Vision enables closer working within general practice – and with the wider healthcare team. Integral data sharing lets you serve patients across the healthcare landscape.

Work anywhere

Work with patient records at any time, wherever you are. Modern apps for Windows, smartphones and tablets provide 24/7 access to medical histories. Perfect for nursing home rounds, home visits and federated services.

Designed to make life easier. Not get in the way.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

IT systems should not distract or interfere with the delivery of healthcare services. They should enhance the experience for the patient and the healthcare provider. This is why we dedicate so much effort to user experience design (UX).

Modern and innovative

Although we design Vision for touch screens, each user can ‘drive’ how they prefer. Touch, keyboard or mouse. You choose.

‘Why?’ before ‘How?’

Rather than modernise old features, we are re-imagining the whole Vision experience. Our goal is to simplify and de-clutter systems so they are easy to learn and use.

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GP networks and federated primary care services.

GP networks pool resources to provide cost-effective healthcare services. Share patient records across a GP network to enable federated services.

Share patient records for federated services across a GP network to:

  • Give clinicians sight of medical histories. Critical for appropriate diagnosis and care decisions during federated patient encounters.
  • Add information during federated encounters. Keep the patient’s GP informed about care provided away from the practice.
  • Receptionists at any GP practice can book appointments for federated services

Controlled sharing

Use sharing agreements to restrict the parts of patient records that are available. They can run alongside each other, so each service only has access to the information it needs.

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Record accurate data. Quickly.

Rapid data entry without compromising quality.

Be confident that data is consistent across all clinicians, including locums.

The benefits of high quality patient data include:

  • it’s easier for other clinicians to provide follow-on care
  • simpler and quicker referrals
  • you can process claims faster
  • more reliable sharing between systems

We’ve made it easy to record high quality data about every patient encounter, without taking up any more of your valuable time:

  • Record common observations quickly with predictive data entry (like predictive texting)
  • Dictate notes straight into patient records

Health improvement starts in General Practice.

Manage and improve the health of your patients.

Disease specific clinical decision support templates and advanced data entry forms encourage:

  1. more efficient use of GP time
  2. fast and simple health improvement, targeted at specific cohorts

Templates include:

The templates integrate with all major GP IT systems. Central GPSoC funding is available to GP practices in England.

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Improve patient communications with SMS text messages.

Ease pressure on General Practice

Text messaging is a popular way to remind patients about appointments and invite them for calls/recalls. It is a fast and effective way to communicate with your patients.

Reduce DNAs

Patients can reply to your reminder messages to tell you they no longer need the appointment. Vision will cancel the appointment and make it available to other patients.

Save time and money

Text messaging costs less than sending invitation letters in the post or telephoning patients. With automated processing of patient responses, it’s faster too.

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Any clinician. Any patient. Anywhere.

24/7 access to your patient records on the device of your choice. Vision Anywhere is the perfect medical app for home visits, nursing homes and mobile working.

Federated and localised services

Use the same system for registered patients and other patient encounters during extended access or care hub appointments. Designed with GP networks, MCPs and PACS in mind.

Urgent and emergency care

Clinicians working in A&E, NHS111, OOH, ambulances and urgent care centres can view patients’ medical histories and add details of emergency encounters.

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Online patient services.

People love the convenience of GP online services. Our responsive websites optimise this experience on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Online services available include:

  • Prescription requests
  • Book and cancel appointments
  • View medical records

Open 24/7

Extend access to GP services. Patients can interact with their practice at any time, especially popular first thing in the morning, in the evening and at weekends.

Worldwide access

Book appointments, request prescriptions and view medical records online. Always available, whether patients are at home, at work or on holiday abroad.

Faster for GP practices

Save time. Each online request is one less for receptionists to deal with face-to-face or on the phone.

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The NHS is changing. Be ready.

Our innovative solutions encourage collaborative working and shared care. Designed with the new models of care in mind, they meet the demands of a modern NHS.

Healthcare management

Healthcare management

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Mobile working

Mobile working

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Interoperable shared patient records

Shared care

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Population level healthcare management

Introduction to Population Level Healthcare Management

The emphasis on QOF continues to decline. Healthcare service providers must analyse data across their population to address local challenges. This is possible without asking busy GP practices to extract data themselves.

Our guide describes everything you need to know to get started with population-level healthcare management.

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