GP Visits

24/7 access to your patient records on the device of your choice. Perfect for home visits, nursing home rounds and mobile working.


Innovative Solutions

Use the device you already have with you

Any device

Beautifully simple apps for any device:

  • iPads and iPhones
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Windows tablets

Online and offline access

View patients and appointments, and add new encounters and notes at any time, even when you are offline.


Interactive patient records

Work with your patient records intuitively for efficient encounters at any time.

Flexible views

Filter, sort and look at different aspects of patient records to find relevant information quickly.

Continuity of care

QOF alerts and care reminders for each patient, using the same technology as the system at your practice.

Fast and accurate data entry

Record common observations quickly using predictive data entry. Dictate notes straight into patient records.


Clinical confidence

Make informed and appropriate decisions while you are with the patient

Know your patients quickly

View a summary of your patient records to quickly understand the critical aspects of their medical situation.

Explore complete patient records

View current medication, allergies, details of examinations, medical histories, correspondence and document attachments.

Safer prescribing

Repeat prescription management, prescriber warnings and decision support. Use the drug browser when recording drug allergies.

We investigated a number of solutions to the interoperability problem and decided that the Vision offer was the only one that would give us ‘read and write’ capability between two clinical systems.
Grant Oliver, RGPA Project Manager

Introduction to Population-Level Healthcare Management

Everything you need to know to get started with population-level healthcare management.

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The NHS is changing. Be ready.

Our apps are designed for today’s ways of working and the demands of a modern NHS.

Improving Health

Mobile Working


Audit, intelligence and analysis

Co-ordinating shared care

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