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Vision Anywhere

An innovative app that provides 24/7 access to patient records on the device of your choice. Perfect for shared care, home visits, nursing homes and mobile working.

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Any device

Use your existing smartphone or tablet. Beautifully designed for iPads, iPhones, Windows tablets and Android phones and tablets.

Interactive patient records

Isolate particular aspects of a patient record quickly with flexible views. Add high quality information to your patient records with predictive data entry for common observations. Dictate notes straight into your phone or tablet.


View your patient appointments.

Work anywhere

Patient records available whether a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is available or not.

Interoperable for shared care

Any clinician. Any Patient. Anywhere.

Federated and localised services

Use the same system for registered patients and other patient encounters during extended access or care hub appointments. Designed with MCPs and PACSs in mind.

Urgent and emergency care

Clinicians working in A&E, NHS111, OOH, ambulance services and urgent care centres can view patients’ medical histories and add details of emergency encounters.

Smart Search

Find any patient across a federation, CCG or health board area in a single search, regardless of which practice they are registered at.

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Work smarter with flexible views

Filter, sort and look at different aspects of patient records to find the information you need quickly.

  • Summary view shows the most important aspects of a patient’s record – similar to the Vision Patient Preview
  • Problems
  • Journal (view all data except attachments, documents, recalls and referrals)
  • Medical history
  • Acute, repeat and issued medication
  • Examinations including blood pressure, height, weight and peak flow
  • Drug and non-drug allergies
  • Smoking and alcohol lifestyle status
  • Procedures including immunisations and operations
  • Test results
  • Consultations
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Safer prescribing

Make informed decisions with confidence away from the practice with full decision support, prescribing and interaction checks.

View patient details

  • Current medication
  • Allergies
  • Medical history

Decision support

  • Drug database and prescribing engine
  • Full decision support
  • Configurable warnings for drug doubling, drug to drug interactions, contraindications, precautions and prescriber warnings
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Add information at any time

Information added to Vision Anywhere is transferred to Vision automatically. There is no need to manually transcribe hand-written notes – saving time and eliminating potential transcribing errors.

Rapid data entry

  • Dictate notes straight into patient records (iPhone and iPad only)
  • Record common observations quickly using predictive data entry

On your smartphone or tablet you can add:

  • Medical history
  • Acute and repeat medication
  • Details of examinations including blood pressure, height, weight and peak flow
  • Drug and non-drug allergies
  • Lifestyle information including smoking and alcohol details
  • Immunisations and test results
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Vision Anywhere in action

Record common observations quickly with predictive data entry.

Simple and intuitive

Easy to learn, at your own pace.

  • Simple screens that are intuitive and free of clutter
  • Visual overlays to explain the purpose of each control
  • Comprehensive eLearning programme so you can learn how to use Vision Anywhere at a convenient time and your own pace
  • Online help
  • Dedicated Help Centre
  • The Hive – a vibrant online community for Vision where you can ask questions and find answers from other users
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Safe and secure

Access your patient records away from the practice at any time, without compromising the security of your sensitive data.

  • Your device must be password or PIN protected
  • Username and password login to Vision Anywhere
  • Each device is registered with an enrolment service
  • Patient records are protected with industry standard AES-256 encryption
  • Patient records stored on the device are automatically removed after 72 hours
  • If your device is lost or stolen the Vision Anywhere licence can be revoked
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Minimum requirements

  • Apple: iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone all running on iOS 8.3 or above
  • Android: Android version 4.4. Vision Anywhere is guaranteed to work on Nexus 5, Nexus 7, Nexus 10, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab and HTC One devices. Other Android devices may work but have not been tested for use with Vision Anywhere
  • Windows: Any device running Windows 8.1 or higher (not phones, must be a tablet or larger) Please note that Windows RT is not supported
  • 300MB space for the app and patient records
  • 3G, 4G or Wifi is required for synchronisation with Vision

The NHS is changing. Be ready.

Our solutions are designed for today’s ways of working and the new NHS models of care.

Improving health


Co-ordinating shared care

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Vision Anywhere

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