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Project Description

The Lexacom 3 software provides Practices with a fully integrated solution so they can create accurate documents easily. The software also provides multi clinical multi-site support, and can be configured to suit individual practice needs to ensure workloads are managed efficiently.

Lexacom 3 allows the user to dictate securely at your desk or on the move, securely share workload across sites, effortlessly track referral patterns and generate informative reports. Using our advanced reporting features, users can manage and monitor workflows and improve and monitor referral processing times and paperless referrals.

Lexacom’s latest product, Lexacom Echo delivers a sophisticated Speech Recognition solution accessed through the Lexacom 3 platform.  With no upfront investment nor the need for any upgraded or expensive hardware, users can choose how they pay, and can benefit from both direct and deferred Speech Recognition functionality.

With the use of the Lexacom Mobile app, you can dictate using your smart phone, IPhone or IPad and Lexacom 3 is fully integrated with Outsourced Transcription and Speech Recognition services.

As a user of Lexacom you can take advantage of exclusive hardware deals for Lexacom customers via the Lexacom Shop.

No additional Vision hardware is required; Lexacom will provide any specialised hardware including speech microphones and foot pedals as required.

The Lexacom 2 software is not assured for AEROS and is not compatible with DLM485 so an update to Lexacom 3 must be in place to be able to use this.

For all enquiries, please contact Lexacom directly, email sales@lexacom.co.uk, call 01295 236910 or visit www.lexacom.co.uk


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