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Project Description

You can now dictate directly into Vision and create letters and consultation notes faster than ever before! Vision VoiceDictate is developed in partnership with Hands Free Computing, and integrates Dragon Naturally Speaking into Vision so practices can navigate the system and enter data directly into the patient record using voice commands. It will help you to reduce document turnaround times and quickly create more detailed consultation notes. It helps you to work more efficiently, saving you and your practice valuable time.


  • Up to 99% accuracy at turning voice into text
  • Dictate continuously and naturally at up to 160 words per minute
  • Easy to set up your own voice profile
  • Integrated with Vision, includes the standard command set
  • Includes comprehensive medical vocabulary


  • Detailed consultation notes can be created in less time
  • Produce referral letters quicker
  • Minimal set up allows your practice to get immediate benefit
  • Use with Microsoft Office and virtually any other Microsoft Windows-based application

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more about how Vision VoiceDictate could save you time please call Hands Free Computing on 0845 899 0880 or send an email to

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