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The Engage Touch patient check-in screen is a straight-forward system for patients to use.

The patient simply touches the screen to select their sex and date of birth to verify their identity and they are booked in for their appointment. With free next day delivery, your patients could be checking in using Engage Touch tomorrow.

Our Engage Touch system has successfully booked in over 32 million patients and based upon 1 minute saved per patient and £9ph for a receptionist’s time, we’ve saved the NHS nearly £5m in staff costs alone.

Capture of QoF data comes as standard and we are the only provider to Read code (SNOMED in 2018) this back into the patient’s record.  So your reception team do not have to manually input data at the end of a busy day.

As we fully integrate with Vision, there is no need to buy a check-in screen from one supplier and call in screen from another.

Wiggly-Amps is the only patient check-in touchscreen provider to design and build both the hardware and software.  That is why our products and annual support costs are nearly half the cost of our closest competitor.  We offer all our touchscreen customers a lifetime hardware warranty, which no one else can match. If a problem develops with the hardware or the operating system, we provide a free next day replacement regardless of the age of the unit, as part of your support contract.

If you already have a patient check-in screen and would like to take advantage or our automatic Read coding directly into Vision, Friends and Family Test and Flu jab reminders, you can keep your existing hardware and we can just provide our software.  That way you reduce your capital costs and your surgery will realise all the benefits immediately.

Unlike our competition, we are a proud British company based in Norfolk.  We’re not part of a larger PLC or owned by an offshore company, so all our profits go back into the business, our local community and supporting our loyal customer base, rather than to anonymous shareholders.

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