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Shared care and interoperability

The new NHS models of care demand collaboration across healthcare teams.

At its heart, Vision is a shared care system. Designed from the outset to make patient information and centralised appointments available across multi-specialty teams, clusters and federations.


Integrate services and ensure continuity of care. Communication and task management for every clinician and carer along a patient’s journey.


Review, consult and prescribe. Any patient, anytime, anywhere.


One team, one patient record. Allow every interested carer and clinician to view and add to patient records.

Multi-specialty community providers

Clinicians, carers and managers must work together for successful collaborative care.

The challenges:

  • Making sure that involving more people does not compromise the patient experience
  • Keeping the whole team informed about a patient’s medical history and planned care
  • Communication across the team

The solution:

  • Provide multi-specialty teams with current details of each patient’s health and care plans
  • Let everyone add information to patient records
  • Create and track care-related tasks. Assign them to any member of the team
  • Have team-wide conversations about a patient’s care

Vision is a shared care system for multi-specialty teams.

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Emergency and unscheduled care

Without sight of patient records, clinicians in emergency care settings work blind. Decision support is minimal due to poor knowledge of the patient’s history.

Share patient records with emergency care services

Clinicians can make appropriate decisions about diagnosis and treatment straight away. Remove the reliance on information given by distressed patients or anxious family members.

  • Add notes to shared records during emergency care and send them to the patient’s GP
  • Full sight of patient records lowers risk
  • Patients can start treatment sooner
  • Reduces the need for follow-on care. Fewer episodes deferred to GPs reduces pressure on oversubscribed GP appointments
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Shared care for GP networks

GP networks pool resources to provide cost-effective healthcare services. Share patient records across a GP network to enable federated services.

Share patient records for federated services across a GP network to:

  • Give clinicians sight of medical histories. Critical for appropriate diagnosis and care decisions during federated patient encounters.
  • Add information during federated encounters. Keep the patient’s GP informed about care provided away from the practice.
  • Receptionists at any GP practice can book appointments for federated services

Controlled sharing

Use sharing agreements to restrict the parts of patient records that are available. They can run alongside each other, so each service only has access to the information it needs.

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Improve access for rural communities. Save time and ease pressure on GPs.

Improved access to healthcare services

A collaborative group developed plans for a nurse-led clinic in the village. Its aim was to improve support for local people with long-term health conditions. Patients would be able to visit the local clinic in their village instead of travelling to see their GP.

The nurses use Vision 360 to access patient records from the nearby GP practices. They can view and add to these shared patient records while they are with patients. Now, the nurses can see any patient in the village and know about their health history because they have sight of their medical record.

Dramatic results

Sharing patient records has enabled this innovative service. Nurses are seeing fewer patients at home. They are wasting less time travelling, releasing time for care.

Fewer home visits needed, community nurses travel less, smaller community caseloads, 50% reduction in district nurses needed and improved access for patients.

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Paperless community care

Pull your community team together. Electronic caseloads and shared patient notes built-in.

Drag and drop caseload management:

  • See your entire team’s workload and availability at a glance
  • Active caseload monitoring highlights when shifts approach capacity
  • Drag unscheduled visits and drop them straight into a shift to add it to a caseload

Electronic GP referrals

Improve collaborative working between GPs and the community team with paperless electronic referrals:

  • any local GP can create a referral and send it straight to the Community inbox
  • approve or reject incoming referrals
  • add referrals received by phone, email or voicemail
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Vision. Designed for shared care.

Smarter. Faster. Better.

Vision is a modern and innovative healthcare system. Designed from the outset for shared care and collaboration across multi-specialty teams.

Smart Search

Find any patient across a GP network with a single search.

Interactive patient records

Isolate particular aspects of a patient record with flexible views. Add quality information to your records with predictive data entry for common observations. Dictate notes straight into patient records.

Unobtrusive decision support

Safer prescribing. Make informed decisions during federated encounters with a drug database and prescribing engine.

Configurable warnings for interaction checking:

  • drug doubling
  • drug to drug interactions
  • contraindications
  • precautions
  • prescriber warnings
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The NHS is changing. Be ready.

Our innovative solutions encourage collaborative working and shared care. Designed with the new models of care in mind, they meet the demands of a modern NHS.

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Shared care with Vision

Find out more about shared care, collaboration and interoperability with Vision

We simplify the complex task of implementing shared care solutions across GP networks. Leaving you to concentrate on your patients’ health.

We can help you to:

  • make patient information from GP systems available for shared care services
  • centralise appointments for federated services
  • improve collaborative working with team-wide task management
  • offer advice on information governance
  • set up sharing agreements to control access to different aspects of patient records
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