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Introduction to Population Level Healthcare Management

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  • How to manage and control chronic kidney disease
    Kidney Research UK has reported some alarming statistics about chronic kidney disease (CKD)1: between 2005 and 2015 there was a 31.7% global increase in the number of people dying from CKD the burden of the disease increased by 19.6% estimates suggest that three million lives are at risk from CKD. As many as one million […]
  • Next round of Scottish Vision Conferences published.
    Earlier this year we hosted the Smarter. Faster. Better. Vision Conferences in Glasgow and Dundee. We are hitting the road again for the next round of conferences in 3 new locations. 
  • Join us at the Health & Care Innovation Expo.
    The Health & Care Innovation Expo is the only major conference in England focussed on innovation across all aspects of health and social care. The 2017 Expo will focus on the actions and collaborations required to deliver the NHS Five Year Forward View. It brings together the NHS and care leaders, commissioners, clinicians, voluntary sector […]

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Vision is set to revolutionise the digital healthcare experience. With simple screens and rapid response times, the next generation of Vision offers an amazing user experience that leapfrogs other systems. Complete the form below to organise a test drive
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Vision +

Record high quality data quickly and spend less time managing your QOF with Vision +

Simple Screens

Clutter-free screens show you the information you need at a glance.

Make your life easier

Find available appointment slots in an instant with the innovative Sparkline.

Easy to learn

With eLearning tools, a dedicated online Help Centre and built-in quick start overlays to guide you, it’s easy to start using Vision.


Any clinician. Any Patient. Anywhere.

24/7 access to your patient records on the device of your choice. Perfect for home visits, nursing homes and mobile working.

Federated and localised services

Use the same system for registered patients and other patient encounters during extended access or care hub appointments. Designed with MCPs and PACS in mind.

Urgent and emergency care

Clinicians working in A&E, NHS111, OOH, ambulances and urgent care centres can view patients’ medical histories and add details of emergency encounters.


Patient engagement

Convenient for patients, easier for you.

Open all hours

Let patients book appointments, request prescriptions and view aspects of their medical records at any time, anywhere, whether they are at home, at work or on holiday.

Save time

Every appointment booked and prescription requested online is one less for practice staff to process manually.

Reduce DNAs

Dynamic text messaging allows patients to interact from their phone. Send appointment reminders and your patients can quickly reply to cancel.


GP home visits

24/7 access to your patient records on the device of your choice. Perfect for home visits, nursing home rounds and mobile working.


Innovative solutions

Use the device you already have with you

Any device

Beautifully simple apps for any device:

  • iPads and iPhones
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Windows tablets

Online and offline access

View patients and appointments, and add new encounters and notes at any time, even when you are offline.


Work as one

Effective and efficient working for the whole health and care team.

Dynamic team tasks

Assign, manage and monitor patient-centric tasks across the whole healthcare team or within a GP practice.

It’s good to talk

Follow team-wide discussions about tasks using simple conversational views.

Team-wide appointments

Book or cancel appointments for anyone in your multidisciplinary care team.


Better care. Better QOF.

The £5K Challenge

Request more information about the 5K Challenge

How does it work?

We analyse your records and find patients with missing diagnostic Read codes. We can add the codes for you or provide the information so you can add the codes yourself.

Appropriate care

Patients are more likely to receive appropriate care if they have the correct diagnostic codes on their records, and you will increase your practice income.

Proven success

To date we have corrected 47,000 patient records and found more than £2.2 million of missed income. On average that’s £6,750 extra revenue every year per practice.

We investigated a number of solutions to the interoperability problem and decided that the Vision offer was the only one that would give us ‘read and write’ capability between two clinical systems.
Grant Oliver, RGPA Project Manager

Case Study – Vision

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