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Meet the Vision team at the Digital Primary Care Congress.

Talk to us about population health or how we can provide shared care solutions to a whole CCG area.

Learn more about Population Level Healthcare Management at the 10.10 presentation.  

“NHS organisations are starting to understand the value of the data sitting dormant in every GP practice.

Population Level Health tools can screen for risks to patients and identify when improvements can be made. So why aren’t all NHS organisations doing it? What is stopping them from using the terabytes of data they hold to improve people’s lives, reduce harm and deliver better outcomes? Could it be concerns about data security, system complexity or something else?

Carl Woodroffe discusses the challenges presented by the NHS’s commitment to scale-up population health management from his own personal experience.”

Vision enables nimble, collaborative working across the healthcare landscape. Predictive and adaptive it thinks ahead, processing data in smarter ways. So you can access the right information, faster, to make better decisions. Be one step ahead, wherever you are.

We will be on hand to answer any questions and showcase the latest developments and leading edge technologies from Vision.

For more information visit the Convenzis website.