Any clinician. Any Patient. Anywhere.

24/7 access to your patient records on the
device of your choice. Perfect for home visits, nursing homes and mobile working.

Federated and localised services

Use the same system for registered patients and other patient encounters during extended access or care hub appointments. Designed with MCPs and PACS in mind.

Urgent and emergency care

Clinicians working in A&E, NHS111, OOH, ambulances and urgent care centres can view patients’ medical histories and add details of emergency encounters.


Collect. Understand. Use it for good.

Population-level healthcare management


Automated daily data feeds from every GP practice in your area. All major GP IT systems are supported.


Cloud-based interactive reporting dashboards provide detailed information about any aspect of healthcare service provision.

Use it for good

Deploy clinical pathways and standard data entry templates to your GP practices, encouraging behavioural change and standardised care.


Avoid preventable diseases

80% of heart disease, stroke and type 2 Diabetes, and 40% of cancer cases are avoidable

Case finding

Identify patients at risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Implement care plans

Deploy clinical pathways that include simple data entry templates and educational material to all GP practices.

Care reminders

Alert GPs when they are in consultation with at-risk patients and guide them through local care plans.

We investigated a number of solutions to the interoperability problem and decided that the Vision offer was the only one that would give us ‘read and write’ capability between two clinical systems.
Grant Oliver, RGPA Project Manager

Introduction to Population-Level Healthcare Management

Everything you need to know to get started with population-level healthcare management.

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