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What are Vision User Groups?

A Vision User Group is a free, meet-up open to all customers using Vision.

The dates and venues across the UK vary. Depending on your location, they may be organised by your local Vision Account Manager, your CCG or health board, or your local primary care network.

It’s your chance to find out how you can get the most from your clinical IT system from your local Vision representative and to learn from other Vision users.

Where are Vision User Groups?

To find out more about your local Vision User Group and book your place, please click on the venue nearest to you.

Release pressure on GPs

General practice is under pressure. The population is ageing. More patients have many long term conditions. There is a shortage of GPs and consequently not enough appointments are available.

Reduce the number of unnecessary appointments, avoid DNAs and work smarter. We’ll show you how it’s easy to release this pressure with Vision.

Improving health

According to our survey, only 37% of GP practices often use IT to help prevent avoidable diseases.

Identify patients with undiagnosed conditions. Prevent further decline. Active healthcare management. Learn how to improve your patients’ health at a single practice and across GP networks.

Mobile access to patient records

Vision Anywhere saves time and improves safety during home visits and care home rounds. Did you know you can record common observations quickly using predictive data entry (like predictive texting)? How about dictating notes straight into records?

We’ll show you how to get the most from Vision Anywhere. If you’re new to Vision Anywhere or have recently got a new device, bring along your smartphone or tablet. Our experts will be on-hand to get you up and running.

Discover how Vision supports the emerging models of care. Shared care Collaborative working with interoperable patient records, appointments and tasks across health and social care services. Localisation Vision’s central reporting across systems offers a unique approach to simple population level healthcare management. Click the event near you to register today to make sure you don’t miss out.