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Project Description

24-hour telephone appointment booking. Vision Patient Partner is an automated telephone system that integrates with Vision appointments, allowing patients to manage their appointments at any time. It frees up administrative time and reduces the number of patients calling the practice at peak periods.


  • Allows patients to book new appointments, choosing from either the first available or with a specific clinician
  • Patients can change booked appointments
  • Patients can cancel appointments
  • Fully integrated with Vision appointments, with all telephone bookings shown within Vision’s appointments books
  • Patients can choose to receive a text message confirmation of the appointment
  • Patients can choose to receive a text message reminder 24 hours before the appointment

Benefits to the practice

  • Fewer calls at peak times, freeing up administration time
  • Provides a ‘live’ reception area that works continuously for 365 days a year
  • Makes it easier for patients to cancel or re-arrange their appointments, helping to reduce DNAs

Benefits to Patients

  • Provides flexibility to book, re-arrange or cancel appointments at any time of the day
  • Not limited to practice opening hours
  • Provides a timely reminder of appointments by text message, so they do not forget the appointment

Want to know more?

For more details on Vision Patient Partner, please contact our sales team on 020 7501 7440 or email


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