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The Health Improvement Network (THIN)

//The Health Improvement Network (THIN)
The Health Improvement Network (THIN) 2017-08-30T15:06:22+00:00

Project Description

Join the number of practices already contributing to The Health Improvement Network (THIN)

The de-personalised patient data collection scheme from GPs.

THIN is an unobtrusive medical data collection scheme, that collects pseudonymised patient information from its members, which is made up of GP practices using Vision. All data is guaranteed as being anonymised (i.e. no identifiable patient information).

From this we have developed a wealth of information that can be utilised by researchers for medical and ethically approved studies, the results of which could ultimately lead to improved patient care.

For over 10 years we’ve helped our members in the development, and awareness of their electronic data recording, offering guidance and support .


All THIN Members receive benefits when they join. Below are just a few of those we offer.

  • Payment in the form of either cash @ 6p per active patient or INPS training vouchers – up to 2 per year plus:A percentage of the profits obtained as a result of the research undertaken using THIN data
  • Free Vision training seminars with an experienced INPS Training Consultant
  • Regular feedback reports from THIN on the quality and completeness of your practice’s data recording
  • The ability to earn more money helping THIN’s Additional Information Services (AIS) department help researchers obtain anonymised hard copy information for approved medical studies.
The Health Improvement Network (THIN)

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